If you or someone you know LOVES great music and lyrics, come to a performance and let Mary celebrate your life event with you!  It will be a memorable evening including a serenade in song! The WOW factor continues with Mary’s wardrobe changes.  GLAM is best word to describe evening gown and hat game. Her fashion sense explains why she is a Stylista. 

We invite you to come witness Mary's vast song repertoire and interpretation accompanied by 2NspireU Band.  Tickets to Mary’s performances SELL OUT so HURRY!  (Every show since March 2021 has been SOLD OUT!) 

Mary is a bimonthly resident performer at Wilson's Live Music, Hi-Nella.  


Saturday, November 26th


Mary Cross 2NspireU is looking forward to sharing a night of great duets...featuring special guest  Matt Newsome!  She also will be performing duets with accompaniment of other musicians and vocalists...!  Every show is different - come enjoy some grown folk music!  You will not regret it and the songs are sure to  tug at your heart strings!  

October 20, 2022

Free Event @ The Hilton

Come out and enjoy great people, food, the view and of course music!

April 29th, 2023

Headliner @ The Hilton BWI

Details coming soon.

A Bimonthly Resident performer

A Bimonthly Resident performer