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'In Love, There's A Risk' Comments 

The reviews for Mary's DEBUT Single entitled:  'In Love, There's A Risk' have been AWESOME! 

Who would have thought this Camden native would have the opportunity to do what she serenade and INSPIRE listeners! 

This page was created for fans to express their REVIEWS about the debut single, which is available for download or streaming from iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music and more!   But rather than asking listeners to subscribe to  memberships required by most media platforms, we prefer they have the freedom to share their honest reviews... right here!   And we want to THANK YOU for taking your precious TIME to do so!

Since the song's 11/1/2019 release, Mary has been attending promotional radio and cable tv interviews as well as performing for private engagements.

The Music Video DEBUT is scheduled for January 5th and will be televised on Erie Planet Live Cable Show airing 8 consecutive Sundays at 5:30pm.  This was an interview both Mary and Donald Robinson participated in.

On Thursday, Janury 23rd, Mary will also be interviewed during a Facebook LIVE stream of the Doris Hall James show!  We ask that you set your calendars and join the LIVE interview!

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We are looking forward to reading your reviews!  THANK YOU FOR THE VOTE OF CONFIDENCE AND TAKING THIS RIDE WITH US! ON behalf of  the Village of Mary Cross we Thank you.  HAPPY NEW YEAR & THANK YOU FOR VISITING!Signed, 'The Village' for Mary Cross 

Note from Mary:  Whether we recently met or if you are a friend and encourager from years ago, YOU are part of the fabric of  my evolution - singing is my JOY and interacting with each of you energizes me.  I THANK YOU for listening, streaming, viewing, commenting, ANY & EVERYTHING you have done - I APPRECIATE. 


"Mary Cross is an awesome singer. Not only does she have the voice, but her stage presence captivates you before she even opens her mouth. She always solicits her audience to "feel the groove" with her which makes her performance that much more exciting. Her talent is just as big as her heart. I look forward to attending more of her shows in the future!" - Breanna Davis, Atco, NJ

*****Click below to hear Mary's debut single In Love, There's A Risk released November 1, 2019 - Video aired Jan 5, 2020!*****